Westside Reticulation specialises in installs, repairs and pressure problems in your watering system. We have experience with reticulation for lawns, garden beds, drip irrigation and waterwise installations.

We are a registered Waterwise installer. Waterwise is about reducing over spray and loss of water through evaporation. As Perth has been in drought or semi-drought conditions for many years, using our water wisely is critical to our community.

Other service performed include solenoid and value location, broken wire locating, control box repairs, sprinkler repairs, and blocked nozzles.

Typical of our customer base is small domestic jobs as well as smaller commercial jobs like to golf clubs, schools and bowling greens.

We know that the change of seasons - when the system has been off for a while and then turned back on, or when a sprinklers has snapped off by accident - urgent response is required. We do our very best to get to your job quickly and have the equipment and expertise to solve the problem.

If you are planting or replanting or have an broken system and need an area reticulated we are perfect for the job. Will travel up to 50k, and usually have parts in vehicle that can fix most issues there and then.

Day in the life of Shane

I generally leave home at 6 and drive to site, if the job is an install I may meet the plumber and electrician who will have cut a reticulation line off the mains and fixed the hard wired control box. First thing I do is run a flow test to determine the pressure and volume. I use this information to determine the number of stations I require to properly water the lawrn or garden. I get the master solenoid and using 24ml pvc make the manifold. I would then run the 9 core cable to each station back to control box. using 20ml pvc for lawn and 90 ml poly for garden I lay out the pipes for each station. I plan sprinklers and sprinkler nozzles to make sure coverage overlaps

For Garden beds, we use 90 ml black poly and plug in 7 ml drip line placed under mulch.

Once everything in, we flush the system to make sure all line are flowing and clean of any soil or debris. We then fit off nozzles, add filters and test the system. We add valve boxes and neaten up the site, wire up controller and set timers. The system is fully set up and tested before handover to the client.

Westside Reticulation is proud to service the following areas: